Basic office ambulatory procedures

At Align Family Health, we understand that certain healthcare needs can be effectively addressed without the need for hospitalization. That’s why we offer a range of basic office ambulatory procedures to provide convenient and efficient care in a comfortable setting.

Our services in this area include:

Blood tests

Our clinic is equipped to perform various blood tests, allowing us to evaluate your health, screen for diseases, and monitor specific conditions.


If a deeper examination of tissue or cells is required for diagnosis, we can perform biopsies in our office. Our trained healthcare professionals ensure the procedure is conducted safely and with minimal discomfort.

Minor surgical procedures

We are equipped to perform minor surgical procedures in our office, ensuring convenience and avoiding the need for hospitalization. Our providers have the expertise to handle procedures such as mole removal, cyst removal, and more.

Minor wound care

For minor cuts, abrasions, or wounds, we provide thorough wound care, including cleaning, disinfection, and dressing. This promotes proper healing and reduces the risk of infection.

Minor suturing and staples

In cases where suturing or stapling is necessary to close a wound, our skilled healthcare providers can perform these procedures in our office. We prioritize your comfort and safety while ensuring proper wound closure.

Suture and staple removal

If you have had sutures or staples placed previously, we can safely and gently remove them during your follow-up visit, promoting healing and reducing scarring.

Nausea, Vomiting & Diarrhea

If you’re experiencing symptoms of nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, we can provide guidance on managing these symptoms and offer suggestions for over-the-counter remedies.

Sprains, Strains, and Joint Painn

We can evaluate and provide treatment options for minor sprains, strains, and joint pain, including recommendations for pain management and rehabilitation exercises.

Upper Respiratory Infections

If you have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, such as a sore throat or congestion, we can evaluate your condition and provide appropriate treatment options.

Our goal is to offer convenient and accessible healthcare services, eliminating the need for hospital visits whenever possible. By providing these basic office ambulatory procedures, we ensure that you receive the necessary diagnostic tests and treatments in a timely and efficient manner.

Contact Align Family Health to schedule an appointment or learn more about our ambulatory care services. Our friendly and qualified team is ready to assist you with your healthcare needs, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience at our clinic.

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